Pasta sauces 2.5€

(You can add any ingredient you want to your sauce for 2,5€)

  • Bolognesa Minced meat with tomato sauce
  • Four cheeses Italian cheeses sauce
  • Zucca Milk and Pumpkin cream
  • Funghi Mushrooms, truffle and cream
  • Carbonara Cream, beicon, egg and cheese
  • Pesto Pesto and cream sauce
  • Tuna Tuna and tomato sauce
  • Tomato Tomato sauce
  • Nuts Cream and nuts
  • Curry Curry, zucchini, chicken and cream
  • Diabola Spicy oil sauce
  • Amatrixana Beicon, onion and tomatoes
  • Oil and Garlic Olive oil, garlic and marjoram
  • Cuban Mushrooms, ham, parsley, garlic, tomatoes and cream
  • Picarolo Cream, tomatoes and pesto
  • Mama Rosa Cream and ham
  • Vegetable Sauce made of vegetables
  • Putanesca Anchovy, olives, tomatoes and capers
  • Fantasy of Mushroms Sauted mushrooms
  • Sea Delight Tomatoes and bits of fish and seafood 3€